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Dumb question?

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I’m not sure how to even ask this...my boys have ADHD and ODD. Everything I’ve read about ODD so far focuses on management tips like focus on relationships, learning when to ignore certain behaviors, staying calm, etc. granted I don’t always do those things perfectly but we do try our best.

The thing is, when they are on medication, we have zero problems with ODD. They are happy to do whatever with no fight. When they first wake up, they are itching for a fight. I can tell they are intentionally trying to get me upset and they smile and have a joyful sparkle in their eyes while doing it. Once their medication kicks in all that stops, until the meds wear off. I guess my question is, does all the behavior modifications and try this and try that really work? It may be partly learned behavior/habit that makes them want to have conflicts, but it HAS to be a physical problem in their brains as well for the medication to help as much as it does.

Anyone have an answer for this?

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Thanks for the question.. no question is dumb. I am excited that your boys are successful while on medication. I am not sure if you give them a "booster" dose, but many children benefit from having medication in their system especially in the later afternoon and evening ( which is when I see the worse behaviors).

I am not sure the age of your children... but I would say absolutely YES for our son. I feel like because of maturity.. being stable on medication, therapy, love and stable parenting our son is very successful. Of course not perfect and we can tell as soon as the medication wears off, he is hard to be around.

Yes, you are right it is physical problem with their brains, but as they mature it gets much better.

It may also be what they are used to doing is picking the fight because that is what they did before and that the more stable they are and the more they gain maturity it will get better.

Hope my 2 cents helps.. I am so thankful for medication and therapy.

My grandson takes a late afternoon dose to help him through the evening but mornings are still touchy. I just give him lots of space until meds kick in. Getting older has helped as has counseling. But his brain is still unstable until he has his meds.

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Boymom3 in reply to anirush

It just makes me wonder if all the behavior modification tips even matter when the only thing that REALLY makes a difference is the medication.

The counselor said the brain can be trained to try techniques to get yourself under control. When my grandson starts to have a meltdown he can't remember to breath, etc. , he just loses it. But if he removes himself when he starts to get angry he can go off and cool down. He is learning to do this more often, even if it is just to go to his bedroom and shut his door.

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