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Quick questions

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The more I read, obviously the more questions I have. Being able to read about adhd odd is awesome!!!

One thing I’ve noticed is most odd cases the child throws tantrums and shows anger outwardly and my child was outwardly passive and only did things out of sight in a sneaky manner. Anyone else experience this?

And after medication (4 days) how do you return to normalcy? Introduce freedoms and rewards back into life? Or just be stagnant and observe?


A dad who survived odd 😃

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How old is the child? I was not aware ODD manifested passively. It's usually fits of rage and violence and mouthing off, etc not calculated sneak off trouble making.

In our experience, when the ADHD is managed properly, there is no ODD.

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Team_428 in reply to Klmamma

He just turned 9. Oppositional defiant seems to have many symptoms and if you show say 4 or more for a period of time you can be diagnosed

Are you saying your child has AHHD and ODD. ? If he is not outwardly defiant and angry but is “sneaky “ perhaps there is no ODD. Many with ADHD are creative when trying to get what they want, aka sneaky

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Team_428 in reply to erickson335

Yes ADHD and ODD. Says they co-occur often. Seems ODD can then progress to conduct disorder. Guess oppositional defiant really is just what it says and it really comes down to breaking rules set by authority figures (parents, teachers)

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