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Summer camp/short term residential

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Hi everyone. I’ve been on for a few months now, lurking. We have a 16 year old with anxiety, adhd and dmdd (dysmorphic mood dysregulation disorder). He’s on a cocktail of meds than generally keeps him calm, but if we forget a dose or a day, he goes bezerk. It’s been very hard on our family unit (2 daughters, he’s the middle child). He’s also doing very poorly in school because he cannot or will not accept support. We are thinking of trying a summer “camp” residential program, and need suggestions of places that are safe, fun, and can handle his med routine. Bonus if it’s teaches him some skills. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Take a look at Oliverian. It’s a therapeutic boarding high school. Therapy is built into the curriculum and if I recall correctly students with a deep need for therapy must ‘graduate’ from a portion of the therapy program before classes etc begin. I think they have a summer program.

Look into Soar in Balsam, NC. Our son has gone 3 separate times and loves it. They have amazing camps throughout the summer, and specialize in kids with ADHD/ LD/Executive Function Disorders. It’s also popular for kids (like mine) who have always been a little immature socially. They work on goals and are very familiar with administering medication. They also have a boarding school “academy” that runs year round. They travel the country half the time, using experiences to teach the kids.Good luck!

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Greetings! Have you done the summer camp in the Florida keys through soar? If so, how was it? Looking at sending my 12yo son this summer. I’ve been researching the different camps and am zeroing in on the Florida camp?

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Yes I just saw it too! I want to gain more information about it too but my daughter who has type one diabetes and ADHD so wondering if this will help her as well. Best of luck!

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rissay in reply to Eyleen

Give them a call. They’re very helpful with any questions you may have.

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rissay in reply to Lovelanguage

My son just did the Christmas in the Keys in 2019, so not as long, but he loved it!

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