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Inattentive ADHD and Medication

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My son was diagnosed in late in 7th grade. He spent one full day/ 8 hours with a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist and we receive a report that included all educational testing. No other issues or comorbidity. Moderate AHDH predominately inattentive. Never thought or know about ADHD. Anyway, I spent the first month learning everything I could we worked with a ADHD Phcy that prescribed Vyvanse. During this time the doc would use the TOVA test to see if the stimulate was working. I never felt this was the best way but I was learning. I didn't think we have found the best med for him, so I asked this doc if we could try Concerta and he said it was to strong for him but then later he said he didn't use it in his practice We have since changed doctors. We stayed with Vyvanse but I just asked our new doc to trail Concerta. I am considering this because Vyyanse is in the amphetamine class and Concerta is the methamphetamine. i have read a lot here where many of you have tried one class and then another

I know each kiddo is different but I would like to know those who have experience with Concerta AND the kiddo is predominately inattentive

Does Concert help more with focus?

He also takes a long-acting Intiniv at night

Thanks in advance for your advice

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Hello and welcome to the group!

My son is 12 and takes Concerta 36 mg (slow release) at 8 am every morning and the effects last him about 8 hours. My son is in attentive and hyperactive. This medicine has been a game changer. He is able to focus and do very well at school and it lasts most days enough to finish his homework. He also takes a booster in the afternoons, for sports or a social activity, it is also to help him focus but it mainly helps with his hyperactivity and impulsiveness. We notice that it truly helps him keeping and making friends. The impulsiveness and hyperactivity make it hard to socialize.

He was diagnosed at 8 and at that time his pediatrician prescribed Aderall. A Year later we decided to treat his ADHD at the neurologist, they did some testing and recommended the change in medicine.

I have also researched and studied ADHD since he was diagnosed, and still do. I wanted to be sure that medicine was the way to go, as many parents I felt guilty. I truly believe he has a better life with the medicine and a brighter future.

Thank you. Do you recall the name or type of test the neurologist ordered to determine the best medication for your son?

Not sure what it is called. The neurologist sat him in front of a computer for about 10 - 15 minutes while on his previous medicine. He did the steps and then she showed me how much he had moved and struggled to keep focus. So then she recommended Concerta. My son said at the time that he could not notice the difference from either medicine, he felt that both worked. He is very eloquent and could tell a huge difference from before medicine and after.

My 17yo son also diagnosed ADD first tried Concerta, but did not help even at 50mg. Then he was switched to Adderall, amphetamine but too many side effects. We tried Focalim next and now Vyvanse. Vyvanse is great with little side effects other than appetite suppression, does help somewhat but not enough to manage his schoolwork. We just started seeing a adolescent psychiatrist to look at other medication options. It can be discouraging for the child after a while when you can’t find the right medication to help them focus. Best of luck with the search .

Vyvanse seems to work well for DD but it took a while to get the dose right. Our therapist started off at a very low dose and worked up until it seemed we got it right. DD was taking it only on days where she needed focus for school or other activities, and skipping weekends, etc. but eventually SHE decided it was better to take it daily due to severe mood swings when not on the med. (We are grateful for that moment of self-awareness on her part because man, it got bad. Still does when the med wears off, but we try to have low requirements in the evenings.) Never tried the other med so I cannot speak to that. Now that she is older and weighs more (presumably the meds go by body weight) she needs a 5 mg booster in the afternoon to keep things going til dinner.

In a perfect world this would all work out well, but with COVID her routine is not what it was in school with contact with teachers and peers all day. Her sleep has been bad but I don't think it's the medicine, which clearly drops off at a specific point just before dinner. I think it is the lack of physical and mental stimulation, which no amount of prompting or role modeling on our part has helped to reproduce. We'll be glad when she can return to school in person.

Best of luck.

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Hi! I have a seventeen year old son with ADHD Inattentive type. He has been on Vyvanse for a few years now which helps during the school day but it seems to wear off after about 6 hours. When you said that your daughter takes a 5 mg booster, is that Vyvanse or another medication? Just thought this might be helpful to my son. Thanks!

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I just realized the 5 mg booster is adderall (amphetamine), not vyvanse. The vyvanse is what she takes in the morning around 8am. Booster around 2 or 3 pm as needed.

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Ok, thanks for letting me know.

I don't know if this is what you mentioned but there is a genetic test that can be done to determine which meds work best with your child's body.Also, the book Finally Focused is a really helpful book by an integrative psychiatrist that provides detailed info about supplements.

Do you know the name or type of genetic test that test for the fit

Our psychiatrist used a test called Genesight

Yes that is the one my counselor recommended as well.

Concerta has been an excellent fit for my son with inattentive ADHD for more than 8 years now. He takes a short acting booster mid day on school days. He's received great comfort from the Concerta.

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