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Need referral for Individual and Family Therapist

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Hi! I am new here! My 8 yr old was just diagnosed with ADHD. The evaluator recommended individual and family therapy. We are trying to find a therapist in MD but none of the ones listed on the CHADD Resource Page take insurance and the cost is prohibitive. Its actually pretty annoying that literally NONE of them take insurance so you apparently need to be wealthy to get specialized help. Anyway, I have insurance and tried searching on my insurance webpage (BCBC Federal employee) but I have been unsuccessful in figuring out the best search to identify child psychologists with ADHD experience. There does not appear to be a search for that. Anyone have suggestions for finding someone that is either covered by insurance or know someone who does not want $400/wk to work with us? Thanks!!

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Hi and welcome. I’d recommend trying the therapist search at Psychology Today and set the filters to search for child therapists and ADHD. Then you can cross-reference this with the list from your insurance. You might also want to consider clinical social workers (LCSW/LICSW, depending on the state), licensed mental health counselors (LMHC), and licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT), who can all do individual and family therapy, in addition to psychologists (they will charge less per session, as well). Be prepared to call around a bunch as waitlists are long due to the pandemic. Good luck. I’ve certainly been there and know it’s not easy!

You could also reach out to your child's school and ask what they are start for your child. You could also request an educational plan to assist your child with his needs at school.

Hi. I'm also new here, also have BCBS FEP and struggled to find a provider. We have options in my location, but the the wait time to see anyone specializing in ADHD is excessively long. The best results in the insurance search showed up when I looked for Behavioral Health and then added a sub-filter for child/teen and ADHD.

Have you looked to see if you have access to an Employee Assistance Program? The EAP connected us with our current provider. They had resources for my family I would not have expected. If you haven't looked into this option yet, I highly recommend it.

Best of luck!

I would reach out directly to your insurance company. Our insurance company has a website and it lists all the doctors that accept that insurance, and has filtering so you can look at location, specialty, etc.

Good luck!

I am in VA but I contacted seriously 30 therapists looking for "behavioral therapy" and about 28 said that it was $150 no in network, didn't take any insurance. After my kid was diagnosed with ADHD, I said I was looking for PCIT therapy or said I need therapy for ADHD- BOOM, tons of providers take insurance. Wish I knew that a year ago!

Kennedy Krieger is the gold standard and they are in Baltimore, but are doing televisits right now. They take insurance.

Bottom line- it all depends on what wording you use and that determines what is covered by insurance. I also found a group that does neuropsychological testing that takes insurance!! Apparently once you have the diagnosis of ADHD it is considered medical and is covered. So make sure you specify!

I literally just posted nearly the same request....I also have the same insurance as you and live in MD. I just signed up for telenet (or telehealth?) thru FEP BC/BS. I requested an initial meeting for next week. Hopefully, this will be a good solution. the other parents gave some good ideas, but all of them see daunting. ahhhh, good luck!

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