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Need help finding ADHD educated therapist

Hi everyone, If you are using a family therapist how did you find them? What kind of credentials should they have to be able to understand the ADHD brain and how to structure the home environment? Is there an ADHD site that shows credentials or makes recommendations? Thanks in advance..we are dieing here.

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We asked the school and our son's his psychiatrist. We then interviewed them by phone. How long in your practice? What percentage of your clients are children/adolescent? What percentage of your clients have a ADHD/ODD diagnosis? Where did you receive your degree? Where are you located? (and any other questions you may fell a need to know).

We then tabulated them (using a self-made criteria). Even after this process we went through three therapists until we found one that we/our son was comfortable with. It was worth the search for both our son and us.



Love this. Thank you!


We have our first one tomorrow I’m in Michigan we went through Detroit Wayne mental health i was in that same boat we need more help because i thought as a mom it would just come naturally for me to deal with my child with adhd but it’s not true I’m losing my mind trying to understand hers


Love that line.. "Losing my mind trying to understand hers". So true! We do have someone now, but I think we freak the shit out of her when sharing our crisis of the week. My daughter is very good at twisting truth, or just plain lying .. And this therapist falls for it.


We just started working with a behavioral therapist and she is wonderful. Actually Psychology today had referrals in our area.

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