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Pine bark extract supplement?


Has anyone tried a supplement with pine bark extract? The book Finally Focused highly recommends it.

Just had a bad experience with Aderol after methylphenidate messed with my son’s sleep so I’m not really into this expensive trial & error method of drug experimentation.

Of course supplements are expensive as well but I guess I feel less guilty about them. The problem is they take several weeks to show improvement. So we are in this for the long haul- awesome!

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Have you looked into broad spectrum micronutrients through Hardy Nutritionals or True Hope?

StellarMom in reply to Cjkchamp

Not yet! Which ones do you use?

Cjkchamp in reply to StellarMom

We use Hardy Nutritionals DEN. The psychiatrist didn’t recommend one brand over the other.

None of us are into the expensive trial and error of finding a good fit, but, unfortunately, that is what being the parent of a child with ADHD requires. That and constantly advocating for needed accommodations at school and modifying lifestyle at home to put the child in a position to be his or her best self. It can be exhausting, but is rewarding when you see your child achieving success and developing healthy self esteem as a result of your efforts. It's a long haul (more a marathon than a sprint) but our kids are worth it! Be well. Good luck to you.

I’m combing through the book “finally focused” for the second time and am going to write down all the supplements. I’m getting my regular doctor to test for iron and looking into who can do the hair test to see if I can give him nutritional lithium and zinc. Most the rest you can just give them and not worry about any testing. I feel like my son is very nutritional deficient and so I’m going to be introducing all of the supplements in the book into his diet. It will be like prying gold from a cave to get him to take them but I have no choice. My son is on 30mg vyvanse. Of course I hate giving him medications but for now, I have to or else he completely goes off the rails. We cannot function with fires, stealing, swearing, pissing every friend off etc. these behaviors give my son a lot of negative feedback and low self esteem, and I also have to consider my other 3 children and husband and how this behavior at times was destroying our family. I would say if your looking at just doing pine bark, another one that I believe might be even more important is the MAGNESIUM. Author says 98% kids with ADHD are deficient. Magnesium has some more important roles in the brain. Medications also leach magnesium from the brain. He said there may be a day where magnesium is “required” not “recommended” for ADHD. Best of luck to you my friend.

I picked up the curcumasorb mind the book recommended a few years back. The capsules were HUGE, no way my then 7yo could swallow them, and too turmeric flavored to open and mix in anything. I spend a few weeks repackaging then into tiny sized capsules (I felt like an apothecary), but it would take 5 little capsules to equal the one big one, and I couldn't have him swallow that many pills at a time. I was giving him magnesium for a while but got out of the habit. Going to start again though. We're testing doses of liquid adzenys now...

They have a Curcumasorb Mind packet of powder that they can swallow but it's pricey. Will try a month supply and see if it's worth it. So much to deal with- argh!

Let us know how it goes!

Try the CurcumaSorb Mind by Pure Encapsulation They are small . It is more expensive but they are good quality

I just ordered the powder stick form of that, but it hasn't arrived yet. I'm eager to see how it works! Has it been effective for you?

Just now trying it out. Taking this with meds

I am following post. My child has decided to not eat much of anything good and his impulsivity, mood, etc has really been off the charts last couple of weeks. He has been fussy about supplements.

StellarMom in reply to Ant22

So I have had my son on the Curcumasorb Mind powder for over a week now and I have to say I do notice a big in my son's behavior and demeanor. The book says that in studies it works as well as Ritalin after a month. I haven't been giving him the medicine so I don't know how it's helping for school, but he is noticeably calmer and has an easier time regulating his emotions. There's a lot in the package for a 7 year old so I started giving him half because he gets stomach aches probably from a lot of magnesium with the other supplements. It's pricey but I think it's worth it so far! I mix it in with applesauce so he can get it all down.

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