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Daytime wetting?


Hi all, my son is 8 and I suspect he has adhd. We have not received a formal diagnosis. We started him on Guanfacine xr two nights ago for his rage and anger explosions. Today when he came home from school I noticed he ran upstairs to change his pants. He lied about it and I discovered that he wet his pants (not a little but a lot). When we were able to talk about it he said he didn’t know when it happened. Anyone have experience with this? My gut is that he has adhd and we will likely need to start meds for this. Anyone have experience with meds that have helped with this? I’m so stressed out. It’s just one thing after another. Thanks for your help

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We found the same

We tried Guanfacine for our son and it seemed to work great for his behavior but he had accidents in the day and bed whetting

We switched to Clonidine and this worked

Hello! I didn’t know this was a possible side effect until I saw your post and the reply. My 8 year old son has ADHD. He is on a stimulant with the addition of intuniv in a few weeks ago. He had an accident - luckily was in the bathroom when it happened but he didn’t make it to the toilet. I mentioned it to his doctor right away and she took him off those meds immediately. We haven’t tried anything else yet. Right now just ok biphentin. Which works for behaviour symptoms but has side effects that we are trying to work through. Sorry for the short post but wanted to quickly reply. Good luck to you!


I have two sons and they both are on guanfacine for 11yrs now ( they started on intuniv but when the generic brand came out the insurance jumped on that quick) . Back then I never thought the guanfacine could be linked to day and night time wetting. This plagued my oldest son who is now 17 until he was 11 yrs old ( day and night time wetting) then one early morning it was like a light came on, he got up to use the bathroom and every since then went cold turkey , it wasn't nothing I done, no special gadgets. He needed the time and maturity. My second son journey was much longer, he did not stop day wetting until he was 12, and that took a lot of work/help from the teachers, we try everything, the increase water, the waiting second after using the bathroom and push out some more pee, the medication, etc.. At school, he had extra clothes, so I will suggest that, and the teacher had him go to the bathroom every hour or so. My youngest son is super focus, but more importantly he has difficulties with transitioning , he did not stop night time wetting until he was 14, he is now 15. I purchase one of those night time alarm, and my review would not have been good, the first night it worked like clockwork, the next two nights , no. But several weeks later, he learned/ are able to hold in his urine until the next morning. My oldest will get up at night, my youngest is now able to hold it all night long, he does not get up in the middle of the night, he is a heavy sleeper, you have to wake him up. So his night time liquid intake is low and he is able to hold it. Sense you are beginning the wetting journey, I would say do not panic, each child is different, have extra clothes in his backpack, encourage and wait on him unless medical. Advice I should have told myself back then, but we live and learn.

I'm also learning there are many hills and valleys to go through with our children with or without ADHD, I realize it's our job to navigate then through it so that they can come out on the other side in tact; emotionally, mentally, physically and ready for adulthood.

My son did this as well, and he is not on any medication or supplements. Our pediatrician said it's common for ADHD kids - they just get distracted, and put it off til the last minute, or even forget that they have to go.

I feel like I just saw some tweet or something that said, "Only someone with ADHD would procrastinate needing to pee!"

We just don't worry about it. He knows how to change his clothes, and how to do his laundry. His body will catch up when it's ready.

My son just started this journey of day wetting. He is on ritalin, but I think the dosage may be too low for him now. Or he needs something else. It seems like the problems occur because he is too involved in something and doesn't want to stop/doesn't notice he needs to stop. I am going to talk with his pediatrician this week about it. But it feels good to know we are not alone.

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