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ADHD alarm clock


I'd like to start transitioning my 8 year old with ADHD to an alarm clock but was hoping for suggestions? She' a light sleeper so waking isn't an issue but she will use any stimulation at night to stay awake even buttons on the alarm clock.

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I just wanted to say we tried an alarm clock with our son when he was 13 years old and were not successful. He played with it at bed time, then the light from it kept him up. Then he didn't wake up to it. Disaster.. Maybe someone else has had a better experience with them than us.

Good luck.

Would it make a difference if the alarm was across the room and not next to the bed? You could turn it around if the light is bothersome. Some of them are like night lights where the light turns off after a certain amount of time too. Good luck.

My 13 year old son with ADHD uses a wake up light alarm clock. I have one too. You set it for the time you want to get up and a half hour before that time, a dim light will come on and gradually get brighter. An alarm will sound at the time set. You can adjust the maximum brightness. The light really does help wake you.

The clocks we have are the basic versions with no extra frills... probably the simpler the better so it doesn’t seems like a fun gadget to mess around with. My 13 year old has increasingly been getting up by himself. I do think the light helps him.

Here’s the one we have. There are other models that have more features if needed.

We use Alexa Echo Dot from Amazon. No screen so nothing to play with.

Throughout the year, we also bought a few of these use it around the house as a timer. " Alexa , set a timer for 20min" for video game, when it ring so I know to tell him to stop. He can use it for homework. 'Alexa how to spell "entertainment". ' it's helpful

mplaz in reply to il1515

We use Alexa for timers for everything in the morning and evening routines. Hadn’t thought about using it for a wake up alarm. Good idea!

We used a regular alarm cock that we bought at Costco. We had to put it face down at night so the light would not bother him, it worked really well. Since Christmas he has been using an Alexa Echo Dot (no screen). He asks it to wake him up at a certain time to particular music. He seems to like it and I sometimes hear him talking to it in the morning, which wastes some time, but he gets up and ready.

We use Alexa. I set alarm and will play music that gets him going.We just got it and my son is doing great. He is a heavy sleeper and has hard time getting up so we also have a sonic bomb alarm with vibration and it can be loud or soft it works also. I can't remember but I think Attitude magazine did to 10 best alarm clocks for kids that have add. Try to goggle and look that up. I hope this helps.

I envy everyone who has a child that wakes to an alarm! 😂😂. My daughter sleeps so soundly that even the house alarm does not wake her and it is outside her bedroom!

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