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Where is the volume control?


I am very curious if all children with ADHD are like this..

There is no volume control! Before and after medication he talks loud, listens to TV loud, plays music loud etc.. very thing is so loud.

Am I alone? I know I am sensitive to loud, but wow!


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My son does not take medication -

But everything is loud! I’m constantly telling him to put the volume down on TV, music

His voice- a lot of reminders about using our “ inside voice”.

I have not looked into they why. So I guess that’a next

Hello. I have an 8 year old daughter w/ADHD combined type. She was diagnosed when she was 6 yrs old. She’s always had a strong voice but it became increasingly problematic when she started Kindergarten. We had her hearing checked multiple times which is not the problem because she had supersonic hearing🙄. We started her on medication for her ADHD during the second semester of 1st grade this helped with the inattention and focus but has not been helpful in modifying her speaking volume. I’ve wondered if this is related to ADHD specifically or if there is something sensory wise that is going on. We’ve tried non-verbal and verbal prompts and reminders which sometimes work in the moment. Haven’t had success with much else. I wish I had some suggestions to share. Instead, I’m offering confirmation that you are not alone with this issue. I’d be interested in hearing if other parents have had similar challenges and how they’ve been addressed.

It's great to know, there are others out there with the same issue.

I tell him if I have to tell you a third time it's off. Then he loses the device for the day. This is the only thing that works for us. I think the personal volume will come down the more he matures.

Thanks for letting me know, I'm not alone.

Take care,

My daughter also talks too loud and loves loud music. But covers her ears when she flushes the toilet or when the garage door goes up or down...? So...yeah!

katcald in reply to mplaz

My 12 year old son won’t flush the toilet because of the noise and is still frightened of thunder.

mplaz in reply to katcald

Glad to see I'm not alone. She wouldn't flush for a long time because the noise scared her. She's getting better, but we still have to remind her constantly!

Canadianmum in reply to mplaz

My daughter is like this too. I can run the vitamix or stand mixer at full tilt and she is fine with the noise, but she told me that people singing makes “her brain crazy” and she needs to cover her ears”?

She also told me that at her old school it was too loud and she did not like it.

katcald in reply to mplaz

It drives his sister crazy (they share a bathroom) it doesn’t bother me as much as some of his other behaviors. He is getting better so I figure he will out grow it.

My 13 year old grandson loudly yells at his friends when playing video games online. But when his sister had a birthday recently and we were all talking and singing happy birthday he had to leave the room

Yes! My son is extremely loud and his doctor told us that the majority of his ADHD patients are very loud. Don’t know the connection.

Same here, so i assumed it came with the ADHD territory and maybe it is their way of talking over all that noise in their brain!

Yep. There are definitely days I want to rename our son Max Volume.

Oh, and after having the TV/his tablet blaring at top volume and his own shrieking, he complains that **I'M** too loud, when I am talking in a perfectly normal tone of voice.

This is confirmation for me too! I read every single response.

My 8 year old daughter is very similar. She loves the loud, except the toilet flushing (covers her ears and runs), the vacuum cleaner (tries to vacuum while covering her ears) and the blender.

Thank you all for sharing. It is so helpful!

Long before my daughter was diagnosed I was perplexed why she struggled with voice control. I struggled to teach her inside voice. Yet she was really sensitive to loud sounds. Now a teenager, she loves loud music, still yells half the time when she talks but still hates the vacuum. Seems to be an adhd thing.

My child just started to take medication again. Before he was loud, yelling at me, or yelling at whoever he was playing fort night and now it still has not changed. Especially when the answer is not what he wants to hear. I know the behavior takes time to be different than it was , but sometimes it takes much restraint for me not to engage, especially when he is hurling curse words at me, or blam

Yup, my b/g twins, but especially my son are extremely loud speakers. I’m constantly trying to get them to be aware of how loud they are.

Everything is loud. I’m constantly reminding him that he doesn’t need to yell everything

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