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ADHD Weekly -- Finding the Right Summer Camp

This is the time to find a summer camp for your child and be sure he's enrolled. We talked with a camp director about what a parent can do to find the right summer camp.

Read "Finding the Right Summer Camp" at bit.ly/nrcfindingacamp . What type of camp does your child enjoy?

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My son had hands-down the most life-altering positive experience at Talisman Summer Camp in North Carolina. They specialize in kids with ADD, ADHD, Learning Disorders, and high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers. We don’t live nearby, but after doing lots of research, speaking with other moms, and talking with their incredible admissions director, we took a leap of faith. We arent the only ones who love it, parents from all over the country and world send their young children, teens, and young-adult kids there! It was incredible. It wasn’t just a learning experience for my son, but for myself and extended family -- they have an all-day seminar for parents/family just before pickup! They review what your child learned, what worked well for them and didn’t and WHY and discuss strategies for success and the latest news in ADD/ADHD/ASD, too. It is incredible! My son has attended four sessions, and it greatly assisted him in transitioning from Elementary to Middle School. You can read more about OUR journey at akaloved.com or check the Talisman Summer Camp out at talismancamps.com/amp/ Or watch the video where my son, Matthew, talks about his experience there:

Please note: I have no affiliation with this camp. I just passionately love all that they do and continue to do for our incredible kids. I know it may sound like I’m over-the-top, but I cannot stress how much I admire the people that run Talisman and appreciate the impact they’ve made on our son’s (and family’s) life!

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