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Seasonal Affective Disorder

So we were at the psychiatric NP yesterday. My daughter is rapid cycling right now so we are trying to nip it as quickly as possible. The Pysch NP mentioned to also watch for SAD because a lot of kids with ADHD and other co-occurring such as anxiety suffer with increasing symptoms in the winter. As if we don't have enough to deal with already! I was surprised I hadn't thought of it, so wanted to pass it on!

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I have ADHD and SAD and growing up in Toronto it was particularly bad because it's overcast from October to to March. My parents had no idea I had either ADHD or SAD and I struggled with these on my own. Even now that I live in a sunnier area, I still see a difference in my mood when we have several days in a row of rain. So it is important to pay attention to your child's mood if it cooincides with the weather.

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Oh wow, that had to be a nightmare!


Good thing to keep in mind thanks.


Yes - my son is definitely affected. Every January seems to be the worse as far as school behavior. I try to get him at least a little outside time if it isn’t dangerous- we even walk almost 1 mile to school when possible (though I have to be careful- even though he gets to go in a warm building when we get there, my 2yo and I still have to walk back.

I think there’s also a post-holiday crash. Up until now, the school year has been non-stop looking forward to stuff (new teacher, Halloween, Christmas, winter break.) Then in January there’s just a drop in momentum.

Not sure if daylight style light bulbs will help, but I may give them a try.


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