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I am single parent of two special needs, no family support nor friends i’ve been dealing with everything all by myself


Hello, everyone

My two daughters who is 9 and 6 has

ASD, LD and ADHD. I’ve been learning and dealing with like baby steps. In our country those disabilities are not common yet, so not decent government support, any school support nor people understand. So many parents or even adults are very suffering with this situation, also our medical is so behind compared in the USA and just like ice ages.

My biological a brother doesn’t even understand those disability, he think it will cure eventually.

I am very struggling every each day with two special needs, every day I feel like live in the hell or want to scream on my pellow because I don’t have enough supports from anyone or anywhere. Especially my kids school doesn’t have support nor classroom teacher has any knowledge about their disability and my kids are suffering at school life.

I need make good friends to share my pain or struggle and possible get some support or understand for surviving with these special needs kids in every each day.

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I'm an adult with ADHD I was on the other end of it always in trouble still am only if you could trade place for one day do you have ADHD as well


My son (7) was diagnosed with ADHD last fall. My husband understands this condition and very supportive but we're not always on the same page..... He ignores what we discussed about... This is an ongoing issue. My side of family (mom and sister) shows empathy of what we're dealing with everyday and supports me emotionally. We live in different countries.... but it took years for my mom to accept this diagnosis. She is old fashion and ADHD didn't "exist" in her generation.

I'm curious where you live??

I can't imagine taking care of two special needs and being a single parent. I just wanted to show my support. One day at a time, mom! You're not alone! :)

Hi, thank you for you support!

I am live in Japan, our medical system is still finding and accept those “ new type of Disability “ just like you said, Those new type of disorder isn’t exist in your mom’s generation, not so many people doesn’t know like ASD, LD, ADHD. So many people suffering with those disorder especially if you are adult more worse. People who don’t even know or care those new type of disorder think “ you are lazy” “ you are crazy”. Our medical or public school system trying learn or support with baby steps for those who are special needs.

My brother either understand, I would say he can’t understand because it’s too new for him. I am not expecting him to understand or get support because I am so overwhelming to handle with situations all by myself.

I got fire a few regular job with decent benefits because of my kids, co-workers didn’t give me any supports or what so ever, so I am just working with hourly wages with no benefits now to just feed my kids, easy job people would not expect anything. I never expected to my kids get diagnosed as ASD, LD and ADHD and it was huge shocked those type of disorder isn’t cure but only you could get manage with some training or medication.

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. And I admire how much strength it takes to handle this in your own! Hugs and prayers coming your way!

I’m not terribly familiar with handling ASD or LD, but I found adapting these school strategies for home (and if they are willing to try them at school) really helped us a lot.


I’m not sure what the public library system is like in your country, but there’s also some great books I can recommend too.

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