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Seeking help for me and my son


I’m a mom to a wonderful little boy that will be turning 4soon and going into pre-K soon and I have ADHD plus I’m concerned that my son may have inherited it from me as well. I’m in desperate need of my meds but can’t afford them plus he may need meds too. I’ve struggled my whole life with it and I’ve lost friends and family bc of my adhd and I’m also borderline bipolar as well. If someone can’t help us out that would be great.

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Have you tried drinking coffee? I have a young adult friend with ADHD and have heard him say he can almost get by without his medication by just drinking it due to the caffeine. Just listen to your body so you don't overdo it.

Hope this helps, Hbr4ever.

Pennywink in reply to mwhoyle

I was going to recommend the same. I know a small bit of caffeine helps my son. It’s basically an OTC stimulant. Just watch for other health issues from it (heart rate, high sugar, etc.

Hbr4ever in reply to mwhoyle

I’m looking for my son mainly. Caffeine keeps him up late at night. I’m also trying to find my meds at a discounted price as well

ADHDmetoo in reply to Hbr4ever

Does he have a prescription? Do you have insurance to go to the doctor to get it?

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