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New parent here - 12 year old dd with severe ADHD

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Hello, wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My daughter was recently dx'd with severe ADHD. She also has anxiety, which we've known about for a long time. She takes medications for both. She recently took the genetic test from her prescribing psychiatrist - looking forward to hearing the results and I hope that will pinpoint a better med for her. Looking forward to reading posts from everyone and hopefully offering some support to others. :)

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Hi there. Check out my recent post where I posted my daughters genectic testing results. It does help... although changed little bc we were actually right on track with the meds. I love the science behind it though..its like an answer to the 'why'

I was not aware of gentetic testing to see what drug might work best for her. I will ask my psychiatrist about it. My daughter is now on her 3 rd trial of ADHD med. I wish my psychiatrist had recommended it earlier.


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