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Acting crazy


Hi. I have only posted a couple of times because I don't like to burden others with my problems but I have to ask ALL of you if your child makes duck sounds all the time? Does your child make really weird, almost crazy movements with his or her body and then make the duck sounds? Does your child speak in a high pitch voice all the time and hardly ever use a normal tone? Does your child act like a 4 year old with the way he or she talks or acts? Does your child say things like "poopie" all the time?My 11 year old son does this when he's not on his medicine and its tearing me apart. I have bad anxieties from my childhood anyway and he makes me want to just leave and never look back. I'm convinced that most of what he does is on purpose because he likes to upset me. From the time your child is old enough to have rational thoughts and think and reason for themselves, they are taught what is right and what is wrong. They are taught - and believe me, I taught him - what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior in the house, they are taught how to make their mom's and dad's happy and how to get along with them and what not to do in order to upset them so they won't get into trouble. Is this right or am I just totally wrong and living in a dream world? My son does none of that. It's like he never learned ANYTHING! most kids avoid making their parents upset but not my son. He does things and then says we're mean when we get upset. I just really wish he would snap out of this affliction. I call it that because it's a miserable thing to live with when your child wasn't like this as a toddler. Thank you for baring with my extremely long comment 😔

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Sorry to hear that - sounds like you have a lot going on.

Is this when his medication wears off, or is he on a medication holiday?

I feel there could just be a lot of possibilities of what is going on here. Maybe he wants attention? Maybe he’s experiencing impulse control issues and showing the deficits that the medication helps him control. People with ADHD do have trouble with forethought / recalling past events to influence their current behavior (My son tells me he can’t seem to make his body do - or not do - what his brain knows is the right thing.) They are also a few years behind in maturity.

My son also has a tic disorder - and some tics can definitely seem intentional. Also the less regimented bedtime over the summer can make him a hot meds on occasion. Not saying these would necessarily pertain to your son.

For us, usually ignoring the annoying behavior and giving lots of praise for desired behavior helps ALOT. Punishment for negative behavior is not nearly as effective as rewarding the good - even if it’s minor things or partial steps. Sometimes I might calmly explain what I’m doing “I’m not fond when you do x y z, but I really like a b c. When you are ready to act that way, I will start talking to you again.”

Incentives also work for us, though they need to be phrased as a reward. Saying “I’m taking away your screen time if you don’t stop x y z” is not as effective as “If you are able to stop x y z for an hour, you may have some screen time when it’s up.” And set an analog timer.

Sorry if this is super long - hopefully you find something valuable in all these words!

My son says crazy stuff too. Everything you are describing is just like what I have experienced with my 6 yr old. A lot of it is attention seeking, he wants your attention at all times. I know it's overwhelming but hang in there. I too just want to pick up and leave. It's natural what you are feeling. Having a child with adhd is extremely hard to deal with. But he needs you, don't give up. I have my son in behavioral therapy and is on concert 18mg and guanfacine 2mg. Maybe he needs a medication change ask his psychiatrist about it.


You’re not alone. My son has ticks when he’s not on medication and acts out mostly at home. He pushed every button I have seemingly on purpose then says I’m a mean mommy if I get upset. We are still in the process of finding the correct medication(s) for him and he will be starting play therapy weekly. I am praying that we will get to a calmer place eventually. I don’t have any advice but I do want you to know that you’re not alone and your son is not the only one acting that way.

I understand what you are saying when you say, "Am I living in a dream world?" I guess I had to give up the dream of what a normal family or parent/child is supposed to be like. Kids are supposed to respect their parents and choose to do the right thing In order to earn trust and rights to have nice things... It's like the Santa story - have you been a good boy or girl? Santa is watching you! Well, these kids aren't "typical" and it seems everyday is a hardship and these kids test our patience to no end. Respect doesn't seem to be in the picture at all!

I'm a big believer in taking breaks to get away because somethings are going to change, but it's just a matter of time. Can you and your husband trade off so that you can get some peace? I know- this isn't easy and I don't have a lot of answers. I did just get a prescription for anxiety medication to dull my negative feelings and urge for flight! I think it might be helping.

My son does very strange things as well. I noticed that it increases after he spends time on his iPad because he is imitating those “YouTubers” and any noises he finds funny. I just talk to him about how it’s not appropriate and severely limit his iPad time during his time with me.

My 8 year old has ADHD and does strange things at home and at school and he gets in trouble for it even though he has an IEP,he also says that we are mean and the worst parents when we try to correct him and or give him consequences for his behavior. I had him evaluated and the neuropsychologist said his maturity level is 2 to 3 years behind so even though is is in 3rd Grade he acts like a kindergarten, I ask the school to let him repeat 2dn grade (last year) the principal refused and again this year I ask them to let him repeat 3rd grade they refused again, seems like the schools care more about the school reputation that the students needs, I am changing schools this year and have him to go to 3rd grade again.

But going back to your sons noises and gestures he may have tourette syndrome, (commonly know as tics) it ranges from many different movements with the hands head, weir noises with your mouth, I know because I grow up with my big brother having tourette (back then it was unknown) and he would make the weirdest noises with his mouth, they can not control it, and telling them to stop it only makes it worse because they get worse with stress, they also change noises and gestures with time like every 6 months or so, I remember how upset my mother just to get form all the noises that she would slap him, but nothing changed.

All I can say is patience, unfortunately we don't get the kids that we want, we get the kids that we get, and that is it

My grandson's psychiatrist says a lot of ADHD kids have touches of other things such as Tourette's. That's what causes the weird noises, whistling, grunting, etc.

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