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Organizational Tutor??


Hi, I’m new to this site. I have a daughter with ADD who will be attending college in New Orleans next month. I’m trying to find a tutor who can meet with her once or twice a week to help her stay on top of her schoolwork , keep organized, review assignments being worked on, help her with assignments and anything else I can come up with! Do these tutors/coaches exist? I am a member of CHADD and searched for a local organization in New Orleans. They seem to only have a support group which isn’t active. I don’t know how to find this person. Does anyone have suggestions?

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Thanks for sharing with the group. I am hoping she started her college journey with the department that provides services for students with disabilities. Their job is to help students with disabilities be successful in college. As long as she qualifies for their services ( means she had an IEP/504 in high school or she can prove she used accommodations and modifications and she can prove she has a qualifying disability they they can help her. Now how much depend on the person she enrolls with. If she goes in with a list of what she needs they should find dept. at the college to help her. The only reason these dept. are funded is to help students. Most community college all have tutoring centers where you sign up and get help.

Here is the thing, she must ask for it, HERSELF!! she must know she needs it and ask for it. But you can start the process with her.

Best of luck, FYI she may need to start with just a few simple classes and add more.

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If she qualifies she can also get registered for her classes early because she will need to get audio books to read and that takes time to prepare.

She needs to take all the documentation of her disability (ADHD) to the disabilities office on her college campus - preferably before school starts. They will then allow her to have whatever accommodations she asks for and can also refer her to the student success center (or whatever this college calls it) where she can get tutoring, and other help with classes. I am hoping she is taking meds for her ADHD? This is usually crucial for success in college.

Hi I’m new here. I went to Loyola university and am still in New Orleans. I have ADHD. If your daughter ever wants any help with learning to juggle things on campus please message me.

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