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Accommodation vs. Modifications!

I had a meeting to revise my son's 504 and I had what I though an accommodation that said "Student to be allowed to redo assignments, test and homework if it's below "C" grade" the school came back and said that's a modification! Is that true??? How can I then word it differently so that it still is an accommodation??? Please help

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Thank you so much parentcoachjoyce, i got a notification of your reply, but I can't see it :(


Hi, I found this info that might be helpful: handyhandouts.com/pdf/422_A...

The main difference is that modifications alter WHAT is learned and accommodations deal with HOW it's learned. The handout gives some good examples of accommodations (and I have some examples in the free resource section of my website parentcoachjoyce.com)

I think retaking a test becomes a modification because it gives him the advantage of knowing what is already on the test when he goes to take it again. Just a guess.

Perhaps you could get the same effect/result you are seeking (better grades) by figuring out what the barriers are for him, and finding accommodations to address them, e.g., more time, taking the test in a quiet room, help with organization, help with note taking, etc.



Thank you Joyce, I appreciate your input. The way they explained is that it alter the grading process! but I thought if the materials he learns is altered (which is not the case) that's when it becomes modifications. I'll look over your free resources page. Thank you again. I wish there was a clear line between them.


You need an IEP. An IEP can make modifications to the curriculum for your student. A 504 only gives accommodations for instance my son has an accommodation that during non instructional time he can listen to his head phones because music calms him. But if I wanted his test to have less questions than the other students since he can’t focus long enough I would have to make that modification on his IEP


Thank you Larissa02 my son didn't qualify for an IEP! Which is now a struggle to get him the assistance he needs with out it being a modification :(


My son was diagnosis’s with depression and anxiety so I have requested his IEP on basis of emotional disability. He didn’t qualify either based on performance. I have my meeting on Monday to see if this works


Really? That's smart. My son has anxiety too but I don't know about depression! They make it so hard to help your kid! It's unbelievable


Exactly and then they want to target them and make you feel like it’s something you’re doing wrong when in all actuality our kids can’t control some of their behaviors no matter how badly they want to

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