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ADHD/ASD break through


Just wanted to share a magical moment that we had this morning with miss Lyla (my 10 year old.)

It takes Lyla a long time to learn something new or adapt to new routines. Teaching Lyla something requires a lot of patience and hand-over-hand teaching for months. She also easily gets discouraged, distracted from the task and will sometimes forget to do it altogether.

For the past year we have been practicing a morning routine. Visual reminders on the pec board, small simple steps given to her one at a time, hand-over-hand working. For a year we have been starting a routine for when she wakes up. Make your bed, tidy your toys, change out of pyjamas and pull-up into clean clothes, eat breakfast, dish in the dishwasher, brush teeth, brush hair, practice reading for 10 minutes then we move on with our day, whether that means going to school/therapy or staying home.

This morning, Lyla woke up and did all of those things without cue for the very first time. I cried happy tears. She’s becoming so independent and our hard work is paying off! No, it wasn’t perfect. Her blankets were only half on her bed but the big smile on her face made up for it. We only ate half our breakfast, but that’s okay because she was so proud of what she did eat. We went out with the most mix-match outfit on today but that’s okay because she was beaming with excitement.

Just wanted to encourage everyone, that the efforts your making today will eventually pay off, even if it’s not tomorrow. We waited an entire year for this day and she is oh so excited 😍

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justine-lynae- such a great day for you both!! Time to celebrate!! That is a lot for anyone to do. So proud of her.. now just doing tomorrow. Everyone can learn from your patience because it is so much easier to just do it for them.

Thanks! She was beaming with excitement when I dropped her off at her summer day program. She couldn’t stop telling her aid that works with her, and wasn’t even upset when I left 😍

Normally I unzip her coat and tie up her indoor shoes because it’s so much faster if I do it. I went to help her take her coat off and I was given the “mom, I can do it” 😍😍

What a great day - congrats! And way to go Lyla

That is wonderful news and excited for you all! Celebrate these successes.

Congrats to you you and Lydia for hard work paying off. ❤️

Thanks for the encouragement!

Ps. Love the name Lyla ❤️

thanks so much! Her full name is Lyla Grace 😍

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