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Out of school program / summer program


Hi everyone, I have a 6 year old son who has ADHD and mild intellectual disability.

He is currently in Grade 1 and has lots of support at school.

The sad thing is that I can't put him in after school care or regular out of school programs because of his challenging behaviours like, impulse, self regulation, not being able to stay on tasks, and not to follow instructions, sometimes walk away from the group.

Currently he takes a private martial art class which specialized in special needs kids, and just started private swim lessons.

Since the summer is approaching, I'm trying to find out summer programs that he can attend. I work on call basis at public school so I'll be at home during the summer. But I need respite care. Being with him all day everyday seems too hard for me. ( I take meds and don't have energy to stay with him all day.)

Last spring break, I tried to put him in an inclusive gymnastics camp which was facilitated by a local university and it was good. The group was only 10 kids and 2 instructors. There was time that my son had a trigger by kid's laughter and he didn't want to participate in the rest of the program that day. But the lead instructor stayed with him. At the end of the camp, I asked her whether she thinks he needs one to one support if we decided to come back next summer. And she said if the group is more than 10 kids, yes, he needs one to one support which means I should stay with him during the program.

His martial art program offers summer camp as well, but his instructor said he needs one to one and they don't have extra staff.....

At his school, I wanted him to experience their after school care, but same thing. The school told me that he needs one to one and they don't have that support.....

I have a place in mind that he can have the one to one support and they provide gymnastics/aquatics/biking for 4 hours a day, 4-5 days a week during the summer.

My question is if you have a similar age child and have experience on being turned down from programs due to child's ADHD. I'd like to hear how you managed long school breaks. Or if you have an older child, I also want to hear about your experience as well.

I feel like, we're not welcomed anywhere.... if they do take him, we have to pay through our nose....

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I would try a local rec center or join the summer reading program at your local library that you can do together. Look for a state parent resource guide. I often look to a magazine called (Colorado parent) that offers parenting advice for kids and family coverage including local parks, kid-friendly restaurants, expert advice, top resource for information on Parenting, Kids activities, Child care, Restaurants for kids, and Family vacations. It also includes information on the the special needs children.

Summer camp and activities too.

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