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ADHD Weekly - Addressing Stigma and Propaganda About ADHD

There are a lot of questions that can surround an ADHD diagnosis. But the stigmas that can sometimes be associated with it can make it difficult to get the help your family needs.

Read "Addressing Stigma and Propaganda About ADHD" at bit.ly/attStigmasMyths to hear from a former chair of the National Medical Association on how ADHD stigmas can affect the African-American community.

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I read this arrival earlier and loved it. It makes all the sencee in the world. I know the stigma put on the Aftro-American community. I tried to get ABA therapy for grandson and our contact person at Behavioral Growing Tree going a 100 different excuses why couldn't accept his referral for the program. We're on at least 5 or 6 waiting lists for various therapy programs. Don't make sense.


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