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IEP help


Hi! This is my first time posting on this site!!

I am thankful I have found a resource - finally.

I have been researching about my child’s rights concerning an IEP/504 plan. The first step is to request a meeting. That’s where I’m “stuck”. Can someone please guide me- I don’t know how to start the request letter, I want to make sure my wording is correct lol. Any and all advice is helpful!!

Thank you

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My son was just diagnosed last Friday he is 9 and his dr. Wrote a letter for me to give to the school and in it he requested additional testing for my son, so that has put a jump start on it for us but I also emailed the teacher requesting a 504/IEP she then sent the information to the school counselor and administrators who have reached out to me this week to get the ball rolling for us we have a meeting in Two weeks for testing and the school is going over how both accommodations work. So I would suggest start with the dr. Only bc that is working for us.

Thank you!! I never thought to do that. When I asked the counselor at school all she said was you have to put your request in writing! I will call the Dr Monday !!

I’d try for iep first you get more services

Yes for sure! Academically is where the help most needed. Extra support. We have seen improvement in her independent work stamina since we decided to try medication!! Which had also helped her confidence. Testing and more time to complete assignments will help even more.

I started with a certified letter sent to the school requesting a meeting for an IEP. I had read that if you send it that way they can't say they never got the letter. When I had the meeting I brought in a letter from the doctor stating the diagnosis.

I would start by giving then a letter you can find sample letter online if you type in Google sample letter for iep or 504 plan for adhd it will bring up a bunch of sites that have really good sample letters

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