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Urinary incontinence

Hello, my son is 10 and was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago. He also has bladder dysfunction in which he can’t feel when he had to go and has accidents on a regular basis. We have been through a few medications but they all make his urinary issues much worse. Does anyone know of one that does not have that side affect or any suggestions? Thank you

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I have this problem too with my five year old. Following for advice.


My 6 y/o has this too so following


My oldest grandson had trouble with incontinence at night and wore Pull-Ups to bed until he was about 8 when he finally outgrew it. His pediatrician said that what was a common problem with ADHD kids.

What does your pediatrician say about this?


My daughter who is not my ADHD child (although she may have a touch) had this problem for YEARS. We tried everything. She is 12 now and finally stopped wearing a pull-up at night about 3 years ago. If your son will do it, have him wear a watch with multiple alarms to go off regularly to remind him to use the restroom -- EVEN IF HE DOESNT THINK HE HAS TO. If his school is like my daughter'S you will have to talk to the teachers and tell them if he says he has to go -- HE HAS TO GO RIGHT NOW. my daughter (who still fights regular trips to the restroom) wouldn't feel the urge until the very last second and sometimes had accidents because teachers wanted her to wait until after the lesson to use the restroom.


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