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Hey y'all

Hi everyone. I am new here and hope I can find some answers. My 10 yrs old had ADHD and has been off his meds for a couple of months due to insurance problems and let's be real, this stuff is EXPENSIVE, but he has started a significant stutter when he gets excited or nervous. I heard he could get one from his meds but he has been off them. Is this normal or should I be concerned and call his pediatrician? Thanks in advance for any advice. 💖

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I'm not a physician (just a muggle researcher) but without knowing how long the patient was on any type of medication I would say it is difficult to determine causation. Information about most compounds (including the half-life) can be found on drugs.com or rxlist.com, but these should not be used in place of discussing with the patient's physician.

If the stutter happens when the patient is excited, it might also be a coping mechanism. Before you talk with the Dr., talk with the patient. I'm a fan of the make a pot of tea and have a no-judgement chat with the patient to get an idea of what they think and feel when stuttering happens. Make them feel like they are fully capable of explaining their symptoms and taking ownership of the situation, because they are. 10 might seem young, but they need the empowerment now so they can transition into identifying and managing their symptoms as an adult. Once you and the patient have taken notes about symptoms noticed since coming off of medication, bring those notes into your next dr. appointment. If this is a coping mechanism, try looking into other behaviors or things the patient can do instead.

'How to ADHD' is a youtube channel that I subscribe to. She had a couple recent videos about Emotional Dysregulation and Fidgeting that I think might be helpful. Also, look at understood.org. The just put up a post about helping kids with their New Year's resolutions that I think has a good outline for helping kids reach goals throughout the year.

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Thank you so much. I will look into the website and Toutube videos. His stutter is when he is excited or nervous. I am still new at this. Mt sons doctor didn't explain anything to me when he was diagnosed. I have been trying to find things out online. Again, thank you so much for your advice and recommendations.


Hello my son has ADHD as well the Medication can be outrageous we had to use the good rx app on my phone to get his meds not all of the Medication is on that app but there are some on there


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