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College Sophomore with ADD

Hello! I'm new here and my 20 year old son has ADD. He is currently a sophomore at a large university in the southern US. Son tests at gifted level, but has always been a B student. He did fine his freshman year, but just failed a class this past semester. I believe he has brain fog and am very scared and confused. Concerned about his future. He does not seem to have the skills to strategize and make a plan to do anything. When I try to guide him through step by step, it sometimes works, but I can't always be there to do that for him. He is on Strattera, 30 mg daily, but he says it isn't helping much anymore. He has bad sleep issues, getting to sleep and waking up on time are difficult. I have not had him tested for food allergies, and would like to, but not sure who/what tests we can trust. Does anyone have any recommendations for us? Thank you in advance!

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Unless there are severe concerns for his mental stability and/or safety, this is one of those times where we have to let our children make their choices. If there was not a care transition plan in place before, it sounds like this is a good opportunity to discuss it. The failed class is not the problem, but a symptom that his ADHD management may need to change. Yes, it is scary (having been an ADHD student I get it) and he may be avoiding talking about it because of a long list of fears. The best advice I can give is to take the idea of "failing at school" off the table and tell him that this is going to be something he needs to figure out for himself and you are going to be there and love him through it. If he doesn't feel his medication is working anymore, then he needs to have that conversation with his physician. If he feels a change in environment (new school, taking a break from school, whatever) is needed that's fine. There is no magic pill, allergy test, or plan to make life easy for an ADD or ADHD brain. But having someone continuously say "I understand it's hard, but you are fully capable and you can do this" go a long way in helping us get ourselves together.


Maybe your son could talk to his Dr about switching his meds. My son is ADD and a freshman in high school. I am having very similar issues as you. my son is currently not on meds but we are meeting with his Dr next week. I'm nervous about putting him on meds because I'm not sure if they will help or he just needs to get it together now that he is in high school and there is a lot more work than middle school. Also, struggles with getting to sleep and getting up (wasn't sure if just a teenage thing). Gets good grades until needs to write a paragraph then has difficulty. Writing is very difficult for him.


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