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My daughter needs to be tested for ADHD / ADD


I am new to this group. I have 2 children. My 6 years old daughter have been having problems in school. I notice the problems in pre-school. Now, she is in 1st grade. My daughter is having problems with focusing on her school work. She can easily get distracted by noise, other people, or other things that grabs her interest. As a result, she miss the instructions to her assignments. She is struggling with writing, reading, and math. At home, she can do the work. There is less distractions and 1:1 assistance. I know the home and school environment is different. She has to learn to do her work at school.

She was seen by her pediatrician. Both her teacher and I completed an assessment. The doctor rated the teacher's assessment. The rating was ADD. I can understand her diagnoses, but I did not like the comments. It seemed like she was frustrated with my daughter. The doctor rated my assessment. My daughter was borderline ADD; and oppositional. The doctor discussed medications, and therapies for ADD / ADHD. I'm scared and nervous about giving my daughter medications at 6.... But, I don't want her to struggle. I definitely don't want the symptoms to get worse... I'm lost and stuck..

My daughter has a psychological assessment scheduled the first week of January 2018. Afterwards, I will make a decision regarding my daughter taking medications and / or doing therapy...

Any thoughts or suggestions???

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