Sick of Adhd medication

My 6 yr has had 3 different medication because it seems like nothing works that well, I'm so tired and exhausted.


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15 Replies

  • dont give up. it took changing doctors and meds several times before we got on the right path. your child msy be a high metabolizer . in some cases meds cant be given by weight. my son absorbs the meds quickly so he needs a higher dose or it wears off in no time. your dr. should help you find not only the right meds but the right dosage!

  • Thank you

  • Thanks I think your right, this helps alot

  • hey i understand we had to add a new one for my 6 year old time passes and some don't work like they should or need to be added,adjusted,stay positive as hard as it is.

  • Thanks that help

  • Keep on talking to Pediatrician to see what works. We went thru the same thing be patient. I know its frustrating..

    We are praying for u and ur 6 yr old and family.

  • Thanks

  • It is frustrating. I keep a journal because my 11 year old grandson has been on so many different med combos, some that have made things worse. I would never remember what did what without this notebook.

  • Thank you

  • Have you done the genetic test yet to determine which med would be best? It’s just a cheek swab.... he may have the genetic code where none of them work. My son tested that way- we have still found a good mix of things tho... lowest dose of Concerta, prescription Vayarin for mood, fish oil and a lot of specific supplements (where he tested low- B12, D, tyrosine etc).

    Don’t give up- you just need to fight to find the right mix. :). All trial and error ... exhausting!!!

  • Yes I'm still fighting and I will definitely try that, Thanks

  • Where is genetic testing done? I’m not familiar with that but it sound very interesting .

  • Our psychiatrist did it... I think most do now. You just have to ask :). It’s a cheek swab- so it’s super quick and easy. Our insurance didn’t cover it and it was $300. Worth it to know what his body can metabolize tho!

  • Thank you! I’m going to inquire about it at my sons next visit . We have tried both Ritalin and Aderal. Both were appetite suppressant for him and effected his sleep. Presently he is unmedicated. He is 13 and in 8th grade. He asked if he could try school without medication. Some subjects he is barely passing. Overall he gets by. I think therapy has helped him to understand what he is dealing with and to be mindful. I’m buying less processed foods and offering him healthier diet and vitamins with omega 3 fish oil and vitamin D3 & B12. He seems happier ! It’s trial and error. Each child responds differently. Advice from parents who are dealing and nurturing a child with ADHD has been helpful. There is strength in numbers. This group of parents has been most helpful for me. I don’t feel like I’m on an Island by myself anymore.

  • I'm exhausted too. My sons meds work great - but he refuses to take them....

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