Newly diagnosed 7yo on focalin. How do u deal with the difficulty falling asleep?


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  • Our children also take Intuniv. They get off the bus at 3:50 and take it immediately. By bedtime they are tired. It also helps the transition coming off of the Focalin.

  • I'm curious about this myself. My 5 year old just started Focalin and I swear he sleeps less than I do.

  • We use melatonin to help my son sleep

  • My son has been on Focalin for about 4 years (he is almost 10) and he takes 3 mg of Melatonin about 1 hour before bedtime. Without it he would never sleep!

  • Hi is there a children's form of melatonin? Or just the same one they have in the regular vitamin aisle at the pharmacy? We are starting my daughter this weekend on Vayvanse and I know one side effect is not sleeping. This way i can be prepared. Our pedi said the sleep shouldnt really effect her it the not wanting to eat that will be the biggest side effect. Also do you know if it can be crushed or chewed. She won't swallow pills. And is it ok to take melatonin every night? Sorry so many questions, i honestly am afraid of medicating her but we have tried everything else non medication wise to try to help with her focus issue. We have decided to try medication but hate all the side effects with it. Reason why we are starting it during Thanksgiving break. Thank you for your time.

  • Hey There! Medication is a very tough decision and it comes with a big stigma from others who don't understand. I felt the same way when my son was in first grade. Medicine has changed his life and the families. He would not make it through school without it and home life would be tough too. He is now at the age where he can communicate about how he feels and he knows how much the medicine helps him. He takes a different dose or none at all on the weekend and he even knows which level of mg's will help him. Starting it this weekend is good since she will be home longer. It took us 2 medicines to try before we found the right one for my son so don't give up if the first one doesn't work well. Eating is a side effect. Somedays the lunch comes home untouched and then other days it's gone. I always pack a lot and snacks too because I never know. My son eats a very big breakfast and dinner so I don't worry so much about his food intake at school. Teachers used to worry that he didn't eat but as long as he eats in the morning and at night I know he is getting enough. He is almost 10 so he know's when he is hungry. We often have 2 dinners in our house - one at 5 soon after school and then one at 8/9 after even sports! I have heard different about melatonin so I would encourage you to do some research. My philosophy is that it is a natural substance in your body and taking extra at night is to boost that. I also know if he doesn't have it he doesn't sleep. I feel it is not another chemical I am giving him but extra hormones. He takes 3-5 mg. I bet you could probably crush it but you can also get gummies. I would suggest starting with a low dose and see how that works. Good luck to you and you are doing what is right for your daughter!

  • I couldn't agree more. Your story seems to mirror ours! Melatonin came highly recommended by pediatrician and psychiatrist. My son is 9 and takes 1/2 mg and that helps him fall asleep and wake up refreshed.

  • Thank you so much

  • What time of day is he taking it? My oldest grandson was on Focalin XR 4 years with great success. It has suddenly stopped working in Middle School. But he never had trouble with sleep.

    Midseason now cause sleep problems and his doctor has okayed melatonin. He also takes Valerian, and over-the-counter herb he has also approved for helping with sleep.

    He never took the medicine past noon. If you take it later in the day it will keep them awake

  • By the way there is a melatonin gummy

  • I am still dealing with it. Benedryl and meletonion do not seem to work

  • we have used intuitive yet we gave 1mg qr same tine as Focalin it helped by reducing his HD hyper vs just add either HD

    A few questions if u didn't already start intunive.

    What time does he get Focalin in morning. Mg snd is Xr. Or Ir.

    Tine he wakes eats breakfast and leaves for school

    Tine Schiller ends

    Schedule like after school extra curricular

    Been doing this with my son for 9 years nqhve can help.

  • Also all about nailing timing hope I can help