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New Parent - ADHD 10 year old Daughter


I am new to this group. Last week my daughter was diagnosed with moderate ADHD. She is 10 years old and her school is trying their best to figure out the best course of action for her. Her neuropsychologist recommended medication and we would see a night and day difference. But I’m concerned that she may become dependent and what if this leads to more drug dependencies in the future?? As a mom I feel so guilty and sad. I want the best for my daughter. She was always full of energy but since her constant distractions and her being unable to sit for a long period of time is causing her to be very behind in school, my husband and I are leaning towards the medication.

Is homeschooling recommended?? Any guidance would be appreciated during this hard time.

Thank you.

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In addition, is it typical to find more mental health illnesses with kids who have adhd? Would it be best to see a therapist as well??? Help please.


For my 13 year old son therapy has helped. I opted to bring my son to a Child Psychiatrist. It helps all of us to better understand and deal with ADHD. He has tried various medication but didn't like the way it made him feel. We are trying with nutrition, more sleep and mindfulness . This is helping but I know this will be a life time effort. Besides speaking with the Psychiatrist my son spent 10 sessions with an Executive skills Therapist. Every little bit seems to help. Read up on nutrition and understanding ADHD. This is what has helped my son, husband and family so far. Good luck!

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It is so tough, I know! My son is 10 almost 11 now. He was diagnosed in Kindergarten with ADHD. He was kicked out of school a few times for his behavior in Kindergarten and spent alot of time outside of the classroom due to his disruptions. He also has Oppositional Defiance Disorder(ODD) which can go along with ADHD. He more recently has be diagnosed with anxiety as well. We tried many other things prior to medication but at the end of Kindergarten and lots of testing, we determined medication was best for him. We do have a both a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. Our Psychologist assisted with Parent Child Interaction Therapy which was good to assist us with mainly ODD issues. I agree with other other response, look into some of the other options that are out there for managing ADHD. Best to you!

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