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In need of support

Hi I'm a mother of three and my middle child was diagnosed with ADHD at age 4!! He is now 10 and it has only in last month finally calm and no issues at school. I mean this is first time ever. He is on same mediations but with maturity and me been firm with him. Im so grateful and I give him praises and rewards. It's been a long road and several suspension from school. This is first year we have received any help from. The help the school was offering falls under special education. Like pulling him out of class for test and giving him more time. Once my son was made aware of this help. He was very embarrassed cause everyone will think some wrong with him. I explained he is normal and he may need this help. Since then he is doing so much behavior and academics. He use to fall out if I ask him to do anything but I started taking things every time he did it and I mean every time. He no longer falls out. It takes time and make sure your child know what you will not allow period!!I have cried and been frustrated but with my family we have made it through.

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So good to hear a success story.

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