Trying meds for the first time, Vyvanse, 7yr old boy. Need some positive feedback back. This is step is terrifying.

Terrified. I over think everything.

My baby is 7years old and has been diagnosed with Extreme ADHD.

Daily struggle, school, peers, everyday life. We've tried and struggled for 2 years to get him successful at school and after school.

Finally, sphycologist informed me he would not be successful or use any of the tools we give him until we bring down some of his ADHD symptoms.

So, here we are.

Any positives, helpful, anything would be much appreciated.

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  • My son is 7, almost 8. He’s been on it for almost a year now and it has made a huge difference for him academically. We tried pretty much everything, but it got to the point where my son was telling me he was stupid (couldn’t focus to do his work) and he would tell me that he hated school. When we finally decided to try medication, his pediatrician told me that diet changes, counseling etc only gets most kids so far. I think we still struggle with some behavioral things (controlling big emotions, sleep), but I love that he doesn’t hate school anymore and I think he can finally see for himself that he’s a bright young man. Hope that helps.

  • It does.

    My kiddo is bright. He struggles with behavior. Extreme behavior. He has 504 and working on an IEP. We've done it all, food, vitamins, oils, calming, schedule, tools tools tools. But, he just can't participate with peers. And he loves school, but now he's getting sad and doesn't feel good about himself at times when there. I can't let that continue.

    I also worry because my kids are very small. 4th grader is the size of a kinder/1st. I'm really worried about growth too.

    Have you noticed any growth issues, appitite?

    But again, thank you!

  • Yes my son has pretty much been steady 10-15th percentile for boys his age. He doesn’t have weight to loose and decreased appetite is a common side effect. My son has lost 2lbs since starting back up in August (we take summers off because of his weight concern). His teachers monitor how much he eats at lunch/try to encourage him, and his teacher this year has offered to let him do an afternoon snack. We try to give him a good breakfast since he eats shortly after taking his med and it takes 20-30min to kick in. We always have protein bars for snacks and he usually has dinner and then “2nd dinner” a few hours later when the medication has worn off. It’s more thought on our part, always trying to encourage him to eat, but it hasn’t been a deal breaker for us. If he continues to loose we may have to re-evaluate.

  • im sure youre reluctant about medication but your son is 7 and he woll be able to help you access how hes feeling. listen to him. you will be amazed at the difference in him once the meds are regulated and given CONSISTENTLY. I have a son who is EXTREMELY ADHD. i wasnt sure he would be able to attend school at one point. he is a straight A student. i pray the socialization will come so that he can be happier overall. the meds are necessary you may have to try more than one but try to do change over wknds or while school is out. the holudays are coming up and it's the perfect time to do trial and error without causing a diaster at school. i pray you find a solution soon

  • Breathe mamma. You’re doing fine. Yes, medication can be scary, but the good news is these types of medications tend to work quickly and get out of the system quickly. So you should know within a couple days whether this is the right one for him. I would also suggest looking at treating anxiety, which can manifest as aggression and “bad” behavior in kids. We treated my son’s anxiety and he’s gotten a lot better at school, even though his ADHD is still there.

  • Thank you, I will be rechecking with Dr on anxiety when we do our 1 week follow up.

    I know his older brother has anxiety issues from ADHD, we are getting him set up for treatment too.

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