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Hi i have a 7 yr old son who has ADHD,ODD,Anxiety i also have 2 other children and 2 step sons i feel life is a struggle everyday he has been kicked out of before and after school program he hax to retake kindergarten i feel like one day my relationship with my partner will be destroyed because he dont understand ADHD he had been on medicine for 2 yrs now he wakes the whole house up at 4 am because he wakes up with so much energy and likes to yell i have tried melatonin thst dont help him now hes addicted to mindcraft because he actually sits and playd that quietly so i let him when ever but taking him off that is he** so i guess i look for suggestions help anything at this point

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My son also has ADHD and ODD. He is also addicted to minecraft and watching people play video games on YouTube. He used to wake up early but now we have him on clonidine. It helps him slow down to process things better. It is meant for helping sleep but now we have him taking low doses during the day. This is just the start of our journey and we have been lucky that it hasn't presented itself at school until now. Oh, he is 7. Hope this helps. Don't forget to take time for yourself!


My son loves the video games too. I use a small kitchen timer to help with him getting off of his iPad. Let him set the timer for an appropriate time. Or plan another fun activity together for when the timer goes off. Be sure to give him many heads up that the timer will go off soon. If he is being defiant then you should take the iPad or games away. Rewards do not work with my son, but taking his games away works every time. Also your partner should understand that it’s not your fault nor your child’s fault. And if he doesn’t then or is not willing to understand you and your child then you should think about letting him go. It’s not healthy for your child if you are in a relationship with someone who is not 100% supportive of you raising your children, even if one of them has severe behavioral problems. I wish you the best.


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