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15 year old daughter with ADHD

Hello, My 15 year old was diagnosed 3 years ago and at that time we decided to try Neuro feedback. It worked for a while but now she was really struggling and we decided to put on Vyvanse 20 mg to start. She is very thin and now the Dr. wants to add Remeron. We moved her up to 30 mg today and she had the worst day yet. Confused, tired, irritated, forgot to eat... HELP, should I continue with the 30? Is her system trying to adjust? The 20 was great, just wore off so quickly.

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It sounds like 30 is too much. Has the doctor mentioned a controlled-release version?


Hi ScatteredMom. No that sounds like it could be good for her. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for your support.


Remoran make my oldest grandson so angry and upping the dose made it ten times worse. It was so bad I took him off immediately Carefully watch symptoms

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Thank you. I’m nervous to start but she’s already a thin teen and the lose of appetite scares me. How much was your grandson taking? They are having Ava take 7.5mg


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