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I'm a newbie!

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Hey Ya'll! I cannot believe that after being in the no smoking community blog on here that I haven't seen this and other communities yet. So grateful I found this blog! Anyway, my daughter is 10 years old and has been on Concerta for a few years now. My biggest issue is her ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). She was diagnosed with that just last year and the doctor said most every kid with ADHD has ODD. Makes sense being that my daughter can be VERY defiant.

Sometimes I just want to run away and a lot of times I have fun with her ADHD because she is so fun and energetic when she is having a good day. Some days her medicine works beautifully and some days I have to ask if she took her medicine or forgot because she is off the wall.

I won't lie, a lot of the time I do not look forward to the weekends because this is when I don't give her her meds and she is the meanest, brattiest, disrespectful girl. It's crazy how those meds are like night and day for her personality.

I was wondering how everyone else copes with trying to get your child to behave, not tell you to shut up and blatantly ignore you, and others, and how to help them realize the wrongs they are doing? I try to get her to be lady like and she tells me, "I'm not that type of girl, mom. Stop trying to make me perfect." I don't want her to be perfect, I just don't want her going around constantly telling people to sniff her butt and passing gas.

I guess I can be prudish and I'm constantly working on my ways, but I need her to behave when asked is all. Sorry for long post. God Bless!

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I don't take my grandkids off their medicine on the weekend. Why should I be punished and have to put up with that.

They don't have a lot of self-control in the first place timeouts don't work too well. When my grandson's were disrespectful I had a chore jar and they had to pick something out of that to do.

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