Teenage daughter with adhd

I have a 14yr old daughter first year of highschool who has adhd.socially she does ok with peers.however as far as in school she is struggling to stay on task,focused and organized.she has iep set up.shes embarressed to ask for extra help and when she struggles with certain subjects she completely shuts down. What can I do motivate her.should I discipline her? What can I do to help boost her confidence and except she learn different but is very intelligent this brings me to tears seeing my daughter struggle so much.


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3 Replies

  • I struggle with this too and I think the best thing to do is to give her the opportunity to fully grasp something as i know how hard it can be to become frustrated with yourself because you just can't understand something. Mabey you could also find someone who can give her that extra time and support so that she can fully understand.

    Best Wishes!!❤❤

  • Thank you I apperciate that It breaks my heart knowing how frustrating the learning process is for her.I don't want to come down on her or kill her confidence.I want to understand what and how shes learning.it can be very challenging.

  • She will get there in the end❤❤❤

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