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Thank you for adding me. My worries are for my seven year old grandson. He's always had a hard time focusing and was just recently told he has ADHD. Haven't heard back from doctor yet on counseling or meds. He is a "bigger" child. Way over towers the other kids in weight and height. So we thought bullying was the problem. But he's not mean, in fact he's very sensitive. Focus, following and just plain not wanting to do something are the biggest issues. Constantly in trouble at school for not doing what he's told, or not doing his work.Hurts my heart. I don't know how to help him. Any advice I could get would be much appreciated.

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Hi. I am sorry to hear your grandson is being misunderstood. I am glad you received a diagnosis and now you can start on solutions. My son had many issues with unfinished work and getting distracted. He was diagnosed with ADHD the end of fourth grade. I would officially ask the school to evaluate your grandson, this way they can offer him an educational plan to help him at school. You should also call the doctor and request information on medication and counseling. My son takes vyvanse and it has helped. Good luck.


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