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New diagnosis

Hi fellow parents! My 10 year old was just diagnosed with inattentive adhd! He is not currently struggling with many hyperactive issues, however we are having many problems with him absentmindedly destroying school supplies and papers around the house! He pulls erasers off pencils, binding out of notebooks, picks at school books and breaks apart crayons and colored pencils! He seem to do this while fidgeting and doesn't really seem to realize he is doing this? Has anyone else experienced this?

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My son is 10 and he does the same thing. His classwork and homework assignments are often crumbled, torn or shredded. He often takes things apart out of curiosity. He is very careless. He was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade. He has been on Concerta for two years now and it doesn't seem to help anymore. His teachers often complain about not doing any work in class and not getting along with others. He is beginning to develop tics, twitching his neck or eye constantly. Has anyone tried Concerta and switched to another medication with better luck?


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