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Help with meds info

Hi i have 2 daughter's with add and adhd the one with the more severe case needs to be on meds. But the Peruvian is that she will not get her blood drawn. And audio didn't swallow pills. But she's back in school and she's just getting worse esp because she's going through the puberty. And her anger and flip outs are getting worse.. Are there any meds that are liquid? And what do you do for down time to keep busy while if from school?? I deal with add as well and ik personally how hard it is to live with and another issue is hey haunt going to school she had a hard time finding friends??

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I am not aware of liquid medication. However regarding the anger issues I would suggest ti concentrate on what is it that she easily can can get so engrossed in that no exists around her and to become part of that world with her and to engage with her in this world.

I as a adult take 90 mg and would still forget to close a gate behind me. People will make a big issue out of it. That is there problem not mine.

If there was a lion behind the gate it could be problem. Other than that the problem is easily solvable.

It is all about forming new habits. With us it take a bit longer but we do get there.

It is about the problems we create on our way there.

We are not excusing our behaviour but just stating that given time and space we will get there. When we do our effectiviness are sometimes better than the average person purely because of the effort and systems we have to use.

In my school i treat the kids for whom they can become not for who they are at present.

Leaders deal in hope. As a parent we are the leader and we are there to give hope not take it away from them.


Yes! There are liquid medications, talk with your prescribing physician. And she shouldn't have to get her blood drawn that often.


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