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2nd grade daughter

I met my daughter's teacher today and I am feeling optimist about this coming school year.

Does anyone use a behavior chart and if so how do you organize it?

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Hi! I am actually going to get my son on a behavior chart this year. It's funny how sometimes he doesn't need one because depending on the teacher's personality, she deals with the behaviors within the classroom setting. I make my chart as simple as possible no bigger than half a page. On the top line I include one goal, such as completing assignments. Then below I include a table that is labeled Monday-Friday so the teacher can initial with permanent marker daily if he met his goal that day. I also laminate it so I can clean the marks off afterwards and reuse the following week. GermX is great for removing permanent marker. If he comes home with his teacher's initial, he is able to play video games or watch TV for a designated time. If he doesn't, we still allow him to play with creative toys like Legos but no technology. I hope this helps!

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Behavior charts are great - but they have to actually work to be useful. My advice is to keep the categories simple and to the point. Pin point 3 to 4 areas to be worked on. Anything more than that will be too overwhelming for her. It can be as simple as 1. Follow the morning routine (classroom procedure) 2. Raise hand to contribute (if she is prone to calling out in class) 3. Write down homework (with a bonus if she brings everything home that is needed!) you can then determine a points system or reward system. You might even get the teacher on board too so that your daughter sees the importance of home and school consistency as well.

Talk with the teacher and determine how to get the most benefit out of a chart. I do have many that I have toyed with using in the past. If you need some examples, I will gladly try to locate some.

Good luck!


I have a big dry erase board in his bedroom and I drew a calendar on it. Everyday after school I go over his teachers notes and we decide together if he should get a big green happy face or a blue sad face for that day. I also wrote down rules and consequences on the side, which we read through every morning. This seems to be working for him.


I have found some really good ideas for charts on Pinterest. You can also find a bunch of other things on there too. I also like the website for ideas and articles.


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