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I am a mother of a beautiful genius little girl with big beautiful curls that has ADHD and sensory characteristics. I feel so alone and unequipped to be love to her no matter what behaviors are experienced. Thanks

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  • Hii

    Raising a child with adhd can come with many challenges but also lots of fun and joy!! There are alot of websites and channels that i think would help you.

    There is a YouTube channel called howtoadhd which I think is amazing in helping with various different aspects of adhd

    There is also the additudemag which has articles on many different topics and questions that you might have been thinking about

    And there is this forum in which we are all here to support eachother!!!

  • Thank you MaryS! I appreciate the YouTube channel suggestion. I am connected with additudemag. She is so much fun . . . it is me I am working on :-)

  • The first step is to educate yourself about ADHD. Once you do you'll realize that many of her problem behaviors are caused by her disorder. She's not purposely trying to drive you nuts. I know reading "Taking charge of ADHD" helped me feel sympathy for my daughter again. It's tough mothering a challenging child but she needs you. And she does love you even if she can't or won't say it. Good luck!

  • Thank you ChristinaReader! The universe is helping me because I asked for guidance about which book to read to help me and boom, you suggest one! Yes she is the most loving person I have ever known . . . it is me that I am working on :-)

  • Has your daughter been evaluated by a pediatric occupational therapist? My son has sensory processing disorder and started therapy about a year ago. It has helped him in his sensory integration. As for adhd, he's just started his journey.

    I might start counseling for myself because I too feel overwhelmed and lost and don't know how to deal with all this.

  • Yes, she was in occupational therapy for a year and a half. I learned alot and they helped with her hand writing. I am in counseling too and have decided how much I really deserve support so I came on here. Thank you Dabanara!

  • What I found helpful was learning about adhd, then you have a better understanding of the disorder.

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