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Consultation and Remote Treatment?


We are a foreign service American family currently posted in Eastern Europe. We were back in the U.S. this summer and both our boys were diagnosed with ADHD (7 and 9 years old). It is mostly affecting their academics. We are at the point we want to use medications, tutoring is not enough.

Does anyone know of a child psychiatrist who would be willing to initially see our boys for an initial consultation but then follow them remotely for dose titration and maintenance vis phone or SKYPE? We are looking for someone in the United States or Europe. Ideally in Europe so we would not have to travel as far for consultation.

Thanks, Adrian

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As you know ADHD is pretty much hereditary. Establishing from who and if from both is the first line of defense. One own's problems with ADHD can make the situation worst for a child but so can one own successes give one a better understanding.

Medication must never be seen as the solution to only the improvement of results at school but has a far reaching effect on the child's self esteem and his or her executive functions. If both your boys have been clinically assessed and according to the guidelines have ADHD it is possible that both parents have ADHD.

Bad parenting does not cause ADHD but good parenting can help in setting up your boys for success.

Don't discount the tutoring or the medication but the most important for a ADHD child is to have clear boundaries and clear consequences.

Consequences that build up more than what if breaks down are very important.

Find out early what interest your child the most and build activities to learn and study more effectively around those activities.

Never make excuses and let the child bear the consequence. Lend support but to much intervention to make them into something else that they cannot be is always a recipe for disaster.

That is when the rebellion sets in and then life can take some unsuspecting turns.


Actually you need to talk to a pediatrician that is experience d in ADHD!


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