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ADHD but lost

My 5yr old just started school last week. Because he's been very aggressive, and disruptive to his teachers and classmates he's been removed from his class a couple times. He just started his medication (5mg Ritalin) and it didn't do anything. I then self adjusted to 10mg and still no difference. I have another doctor's appt next week but in the meantime idk what to do to prevent his outbursts in school. He can't reach his full potential if he's always being removed from class. His teacher and classmates are afraid of him.

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You could try a different form of medication as Ritalin doesn't always work for everybody. Mabey the school could give him that extra support like having his own support teacher so that he can reach his potential.

Hope this helped❤❤



I have a 12yr old who has ADHD and we have him on Focalin. He had Behavior problems at 5 but we had him evaluate d than. Make sure to do that and get an IEP for him. Find a public school who has a Behavior Specialist!


My daughter takes Quillizant XR. It has done wonders for her. I would talk to the school about getting him a IEP


Is the school providing any support for your son? If he doesn't have an IEP, ask the school in writing to evaluate your son for special education services. If he does have an IEP, request an IEP meeting.


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