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Hi I'm a Mom of an 7 year old girl with ADHD going into 2nd grade. We were diagnosed at 3 and have struggled with medications. We have just failed our latest attempt. We are struggling through a week of no meds while we wait for genetic testing results. It's crazy how medications even those that have not been able to continue with help our day so much! I'm looking forward to connecting with other parents. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Great to have you here Katthompson! Hope you find support from other parents with similar situations!


Welcome! Medication is a tricky mix, because each person is different. Stay strong, mama, you're doing the best you can, and it's not easy. Instead of thinking that you've failed with medication-you're actually crossing off the list of things that aren't a good fit for your daughter. We are in the same boat with our 7 yr old, we just had to take him off of adderall after he became excessively violent and aggressive. We were given a new medication this morning and we'll see how it does. The most important aspect of this, however, is that you continue to search for the proper balance of diet, exercise, medication, therapy for her & your family and that you take some time for self care as well. It's amazing how much better we all are at tackling difficult situations when we're well rested, fed and feeling our best. You're not alone, most of us are struggling to find the balance and learning new ways to teach and nurture our ADHD kids.

I found The Explosive Child by Ross Greene extremely helpful, as well as the short videos from How To ADHD on youtube very insightful. Maybe you will too, here's a link:


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