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Dreading school

My son is 7.5 years old, he was diagnosed this spring. He mostly has trouble with focusing/attention with some underlying anxiety, and he can't sit still. His pediatrician said according to a workshop she had recently attended that they found when the ADHD is treated that the anxiety part lessens. My son had already been in counseling so when he got the official diagnosis she reccommended medication. We started on the lowest does of Vyvanse. It made enough of a difference, he was still fidgety/moving a lot, but he was finally able to get his work done. And I did notice an improvement in the anxiety.

He didn't like taking it, although I still haven't been able to get him to tell me why. I tried explaining that it's like a tool for him to help him pay attention so he can learn (he is a smart boy). Anyway, by the end of school it was effecting his appetite and his ability to fall asleep at night. He has no extra weight to loose, so between that and the sleep his pediatrician said if we wanted a break for summer it was okay with her. She would like him to start it back up 2 weeks before school starts and that's approaching quickly. I'm really dreading the mornings, trying to coax my son to take his medicine 😔. I don't want him to take it if he doesn't like it, but I also can't stand to see him fall behind (like he was before the medication).

I've been lucky for my husbands insight (he's ADHD as well and tried a few medications when he was in school, but he hasn't taken anything in years). But I think we're both struggling trying to figure out how to approach the new school year.

I'm worried that we're going to have to add new medications on top of the Vyvanse if we have the weight/appetite and sleep issues again. And I know that won't go over well since he already doesn't like taking one.

Would love to hear from more experienced parents or others in a similar boat.

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My son also takes Vyvanse. He did have weight to lose but has never had any problems with sleeping. He has been on this for 2 years, his weight and height have finally made his pediatrician very pleased.

The trick I have learned with my guy is that I give him his pill when I leave for hour or so before he is required to get up for school. Yes, I occassionally have to force the pill into him, but I remind him it's his choice to fight or not but the meds are going in! You could use a reward system to get him in the groove...something easy like you do it every day no fighting, then you get to go to the park.

I also make my guy take his meds every day including in the summer. This so he doesn't have that high then a low...and definitely so that he can feel like he in control of his body. It is an adjustment along with maturity he can find success.

And remember, if you are completely dissatisfied with the meds, start talking to the professionals...there are a lot more options!


Hi, my son's Dr. suggested we could open the pill and put it in his drink. it's tasteless. Maybe that might help with the pill taking. My son also takes Vyvanse 10 mg in summer and once school starts 20 mg. He's a good pill taker though. Hope that helps!


Hello, my nephew was diagnosed with ADHD at 8 yrs old. He was treated at the Amen clinic and he takes supplements that calm his brain without side effects. He is doing much better in school and socially.


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