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After diagnosis

I worked in a children's psychiatric hospital as a case manager so I had a good idea about the diagnosis. It was, however, overshadowed by the hypothyroidism diagnosis at age 14. Taking thyroid medication helped with the ADHD and she got through high school and sixth form college by using her wits. The doctor had already diagnosed me with ADHD and I had declined meds as I had made it to 47 without them. I think this influenced her decision to decline them as well.

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Thank you for sharing! Are there any other methods that you or your daughter have used instead of medication to help manage your ADHD?


We both exercise a lot, not only to help with the hypothyroidism but also to manage the ADHD. She did tennis, swimming and rugby while at school. Now we both walk and lift weights. Also, caffeine helps. I know when she's not taking meds because she drinks a lot of Coca Cola.

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