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Final year of the mirena and fed up

Hi all, I need to find a specialist who will basically give me a hysterectomy.

I'm 26, have been suffering from chronic pelvic pain for 5+ years, I've tried zolodex, tablets, had 3 laparoscopies and had the mirena in for 4 years now. I'm dreading having it removed because even though I am still in agonising pain every day, I hate to think how it would be if I was bleeding.

I've seen 4 gynaecologists and they were useless, the 3rd left me so bruised and scarred after laparoscopy #3 that I didn't even go back to him.

I can't live with this pain anymore, it's making me suicidal and depressed. A few times a week it gets so bad I lose the feeling in my legs and start blacking out. I've put on weight, which makes me hate myself and the way I look, despite eating little and exercising as much as the pain allows me to.

I'm just so fed up and want this goddamn womb out of me! (Note: I have never ever ever wanted kids, I hate kids, I have always wanted animals over children)

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You are in a horrendous predicament.

I am not going to comment on your age your reproductive status etc I am giving you what I did in a non judgemental advise way and whay I know yo be the procedure to be a logical way of getting your surgery approved;

You need to get the notes uo on GPs screen , discuss them, go in with a diarised account of your pains your missed work your missed family occassions and any other way you are affected ei like I telling them I drank on painkillers to get by.

Get a referral to the Gynaecology department and basically show the same diary same notes and demand a PELCIC MRI SCAN at the same time off your GP as the gynae need this regardless to move forward

when the results come in, your Gynaecology consultant -'only' can translate these to you no one else is trained to not even a GP.

Beg for hysterectomy if its not his recommendation but it seems it will be given your issues.

Then sign consent and WAIT....

PS every time you have a Gynaecology appointment call ahead to insist you see the specialist not his registrar etc. That's very frustrating you need the DECISION MAKER.

Do this now. This process took since Jan 2016 for me and currently somewhere between 6/8 months of waiting list to get through still!

Good luck.