avoid having a hysterectomy

I have recently been diagnosed with adenomyosis alongside the endometriosis which I was diagnosed with ten years ago. I am 42 years old and at a high risk of osteoporosis so I am trying to avoid having a hysterectomy as I would then have to be put on HRT to help prevent osteoporosis but that has oestrogen in it which could make the endo worse (endo can carry on even after a hyst). I have been put on the progesterone only pill Cerelle and the idea is that if it works I will be on it 8 years so I can reach a natural menopause. Is there anyone who has managed to avoid having a hysterectomy? If so, how did you cope with and manage your symptoms?

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  • I've had a Mirena IUS for the past 9 years of which has made my periods much lighter and helped me avoid a hysterectomy.

    I haven't had HRT through I'm now 48, due a replacement Mirena and need to talk through the options with a gynaecologist.

    Love the Mirena as the hormones go where they're needed and not through my whole body so I have felt more even tempered and sane the past 9 years.

    May I suggest you go back and discuss it with your gynaecologist?

    Also, avoiding tampons and using a menstrual cup has meant no cramps for years, and virtually no period pains. Can't recommend it highly enough. (I use a Fleurcup).

    Hope that helps :)

  • Hi - so pleased to see a positive reply on here. I was diagnose with endometriosis and adenomyosis after an ultrasound detected a fibroid. It wasn't a fibroid. Been heavy bleeding for months on end, norethisterone and tranexamic acid have not worked for me. Consultant said I was one of the 20% of women where my op was not successful. Had Mirena coil fitted last Friday - how long will it take for the bleeding to stop and also ease up the pain, which has been waking me between 3 and 4am daily for months now....I have a Fleurcup, but find it hard to sit in place - as much advice from you would be very well received (also have pins and needles in my hands, so am struggling to find strings/feel strings of my coil...)

    Thanks in advance


  • I have to be honest, I've never ever checked for the string/thread, I've just trusted it's there and working. Naughty me 😉

    Regarding the Fleurcup, if you search YouTube using 'how to insert a fleurcup' you will find online tutorials that will help you.

    I tend to pinch and fold mine like a rosebud and insert it as high as possible. I can then feel it open up and 'pop' in place. The first few times I doubled up with a panty liner or san towel but soon enough I managed without going 12 hours between taking it out. Total joy after years of changing towels ever other hour 😊

    Hope that helps

    LBB x