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Corona virus and warfarin


Is taking blood thinners for a blood clotting disorder is warfarin an underlying health condition for corona virus , it is on CDC USA but not on public health england

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Surely you've answered your own question with what you have wrote

Hi Lizp78, They say never assume! I think you deserve a more helpful reply than the one you've received at the time of me writing this. Let's hope someone here, suitably qualified, can answer your question. I'm certainly one of many, I suspect, wondering if I will be amongst the 1.8 million to receive the NHS 'shielding' letter. keep safe!TC

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Don't know answer to your question or what the list signifies ... but here in Spain (under total lock-down) sintrom checks continue as normal (this is equivalent of warfarin). We here in my little Pueblo have been fortunate so far - no cases reported - and when I went for my control I'd never seen the Health Centre so deserted!

Keep safe x

Me too , no g p shielding letter . But I have , plus wear strong poison mask double gloves glasses as Must ship once p w . It is a blood condition . I figured I am medium risk not high . Nevertheless it’s an autoimmune condition ! Treat yourself as high risk , but wear good protectives all

Membranes :- eyes nose mouth, stay hole except shop go early . Get some proof from g p So can go early shopping . Bleach spray door handles post and ALL SHOPPING . Fruit veg plastic . Leave bags outside . Separate yourself from outside front door .

I've never been told this blood disorder or my medication makes me autoimmune , is this correct

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