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Antidote to bleeding when taking Xarelto has become available.


Hi, I fainted in December and I was diagnosed with A Fib and put on Xarelto and Metocor which has restored the rhythm to normal.

Does anyone know if I will have to stay on Xarelto for life? I read today that a antidote to bleeding has become available.

A final question can I have a glass of wine while taking Xarelto please?

I appreciate your help. Thank you!

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I'm on this for life or as long as my body accepts it I've been in it about 4 years now I'm 49 now and I've not had any problems .

Not having an antidote was a worry but hopefully it's all sorted now.

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You are very young to be on an anticoagulant Tracey.

Life can be tough!

At least you have not had any problems.

Do you know if you are allowed a glass of wine when taking Xarelto?

I enjoy a glass of wine occasionally but I'm not sure if I should have one ☝️

I hope you continue problem free.

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I've had three separate DVTs first one at 18 years old , second one 25 years old and the third on I was 45 years old.

I have factor 5 Leiden blood clotting abnormality .NICE guidelines say two or more DVTs you need life time blood thinners. I prefer to be on rivoxaban than warfarin as food and alcohol interfered with my INR it was torture I cut drink out and it wouldn't stabilise .

Yes I have a drink if I fancy one they say in moderation.

We've been doing dry January and still haven't had a drink yet. We both healthy eating too counting calories.

My husband has a blood cancer too honestly it's been hurrendous he was 41 when he was diagnosed with polycythemia. It's now progressed to early stages myelofibrosis!!

We think ourselves as lucky as we can both be managed .

His condition is quite bad he's on new medication now and is doing well.


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Wow, I need to stop complaining.

It sounds as if you both are coping very well.

Modern medicine is a gift, as you say your condition is being managed well.

I hope this continues and that you

both stay well in the future.

I take Eliquis now but used to take Xarelto. I've had wine or an occasional drink with both and have had no ill effects. But, everyone is different. Have you asked your doctor?

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Hi mzoren,

thank you for your reply! I

I have taken the odd glass of wine also but as alcohol is a blood thinner in itself I wasn't sure if I should have any.

I have emailed my cardiologist and I'm waiting on his reply as I'm out of the country at the moment.

The slight bleeding is probably normal and a side effect for some, it's just that I'm worried that it could lead to heavier bleeding.

I'm new to Xarelto and I don't know much about it as yet.

Things could be worse and I should count my blessings for now.

Thanks again for your advice!

I have no idea about drinking wine but I was told there is no antidote available so I’m a bit worried I’ve been on rivaroxaban 10 days now.

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HI Jennifer,

The American food and drug administration have approved ANDEXXA as the antidote for life threatening bleeding.

The problem would be whether the hospital where the patient is sent for treatment in the event of fatal bleeding had access to this antidote.

I'm sure they would be legally bound to have stocks of it within the country if not in the hospital.

The cardiologist don't seem to want to go into the pros and cons of taking Xarelto or Elequis.

This may be due to the legal battles J and J and Bayer had to fight in the past due to patient bleeding fatalities and compensation which had to be paid by them and the huge important fact of releasing a drug that had no antidote to fatal bleeding.

Both pharmaceutical companies claim that they paid the compensation because the time wasted fighting these legal claims was futile.

Hopefully this is all in the past now because there is an Antidote available.

I think all patients need more reassurance regarding this treatment.

Hope your mind is put at rest about this matter. It seems to be a catch 22 situation.



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Thank you clarr

Hi there. The occasional glass of wine will not harm you. There is an antidote to Rivaroxaban and Apixaban called Andexanet alfa which is licensed for use in the USA. I’m not sure about Europe but it is not currently licensed in the UK. It is being considered and might become available in June 2020.

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Thank you for that information SpeedyH!

It clears up a lot of information I wasn't aware of,

Hopefully this antidote will become licensed in Europe and the UK sooner rather than later.

I definitely question the advisability of releasing a drug for common usage that has no antidote should the worst happen.

To my mind this is a case of the cure "maybe" being worse than the disease.



Yes you can drink with Rivaroxaban. The issue with drinking is not interference with the drug, but the consequences of being drunk on an anticoagulant and f as fling over and banging your head.

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I can imagine that would pose a problem. I only have the occasional glass of wine with dinner, so that hopefully won't apply to me. Thank you for replying!


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