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Warfarin and sleeping tablets?


I'm on Warfarin for a mech mitral valve and have always suffered from insomnia in the winter. This year is worse than normal because of a few life things going on so I've decided to speak to my GP and see if they can offer any assistance.

What experience does anyone have of Warfarin compatible sleeping tablets? I self test so can keep an eye on my INR, just wondering if there are any good or bad experiences so I can speak to my GP armed with some basic info. It seems like anything over the counter that's stronger than Valerian (which doesn't even touch the sides) isn't compatible with Warfarin.

Thanks in advance!

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I only managed a few months on warfarin then went on to Dabigatron now on Apixaban. I have to take a Zopiclone 3.75 about three times a week and have no problem that I know of. I suppose if you test like on warfarin you have a clearer idea but would your clinic advise you if there was a contraindication?

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On Warfarin for life here (without parole), unless some other amazing drug is invented. My GP saw me yesterday for an emergency appt and prescribed 7mg Zopiclone for two weeks, popped one last night and had the best night's sleep I've had since probably last summer. I'm a fan. :) My own research suggested they're safe together and the GP confirmed it.

Ask your pharmacist. I am on Eliquis and I'm sure they said they were ok to take. But my drug works differently than yours. I don't have to watch my INR.

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